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This icon journal has been abandoned. I've moved to anti_crash, so come on down there to check it out. ;D

Affiliates, please change your links. ♥
25 x. Gravitation
13 x. Ai no Kusabi
10 x. Grab Bag

The lovers adjacent, the fools side-by-side.Collapse )

Comment, credit, jazz hands, etc.
Fair lot, here.

14 x. Tales of Symphonia
12 x. Yuugiou
10 x. Grab Bag

It's only me~Collapse )

Comments and credit = always appreciated. 8D
Well, after a long unannouced hiatus, I return with not so many icons. This is because the computer with Photoshop went to be repaired for about a month. So. Let's see what we have here.

14 x. Yuugiou
11 x. Grab Bag
07 x. Ghibli Works (Kiki's, Castle in the Sky, Nausicäa, Spirited Away & Whisper of the Heart)

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, melt - upgrade it.Collapse )

Please to be commenting and crediting, thanks.

Bakura x. Seto Challenge (iconfiend100)

Themes Added: Forever & a Day, Tears, Sugar & Spice, Himitsu [AC], Make a Mark [AC], Corruptshipping [AC], Antagoshipping [AC]

# Completed Icons: 39/100

You stole my prayers so long ago and now I'm utterly lacking faith.Collapse )

Comments are greatly appreciated.
Lovely large batch for y'all. A shipping set for Yuugiou. This one will not tolerate mockage of Droidshipping! IT IS COSUTER THAN DARKSIDESHIPPING.

33 x. Yuugiou
11 x. Grab Bag
10 x. Rurouni Kenshin *spoilers to volume 24*

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.Collapse )

Commenting & crediting is muchly appreciated. ^.^ If you wish to request something, please leave a comment here.

29 Icons + 3 Headers -- Yuugiou, Grab Bag

*sings a little song* Just a little bunch today.

16 x. Yuugiou
13 x. Grab Bag

The marching band refused to yield~Collapse )

Please comment & credit, because that makes me glad. ^.^

Request Post


Please include:
What you are looking for. (Icon, Friends Only banner, etc.) Please include the general size you would like if it is not an icon.
Details you would like to see included. This is where you put text, colour schemes, the general 'feeling' you'd like to get from the requested item, etc.
Images you would like. Depending on the fandom, I may or may not have access to a great deal of media, but please leave at least one picture of decent quality.

I will redo an item if you are completely dissatisfied.
I will not repost a requested item unless you would like me to.
I will try to get your request done as soon as possible (as of 20/01/07, that's approximately one week and a half).
I will not hurry because you are heckling me. It usually takes a period over two days (at least) for me to make a good header, and sometimes the creativity just won't be there.
I will post in reply to your comment with your item for pick-up, so if you have comment notification turned off, please check back here.

You may check my list of fandoms here; it is normally kept very much up to date.